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Trials of Light


Sometimes I sleep at night
empty of myself, inebriated
by dreams that deceive me.
Bathing beauty that speaks
only of my weakness,
besetting sin only I can find
in the paradox of self-contradiction.

I pave the way inside myself
for all that’s good of me,
of all I save from discernment.
My daylight vision, I traveled not
to touch solely for the very nearness
of comprehending.

I have journeyed beyond the
peripheral to see your vision,
yet my thoughts will conceal
quite delightfully, fleetingly,
of your unbreakable beauty;
for I have one weakness.

I sing of light that speaks to me
of all my sin, calmly unfolding,
becoming of all my graces,
for pain is only a memory,
and I have gathered arm-fulls
of tenacity only to fully grip
heart of all myself, of all that
you have made me.

And tonight my heart sings
of deathless joy, for beyond
death, my love will flutter
evermore. Ever and anon
for all my good precedes,
blazing the trail with love,
of all that you have given me.

For Emma


Pick your poison.

Amber, debris of arsenic;
watching eye of wisteria;
intent gaze, an azure royal.

Flitting about, oh, so softly,
quiet, as if fallen from grace.

An eighth wonder, wings torn
paper thrown to waiting wind.

They couldn’t put her back together.

Delicate hues, fiber
linen, fresh-pressed;

lavender entity,
one, forever best.

An eighth wonder.

All of the king’s horses and
all of the king’s men, set about
searching, again and again.

A stallion’s spirit,
not to be caged.

They couldn’t find her.

Like another lyric
in a children’s rhyme;

an eighth wonder,

waking and setting off,
a diamond to bright skies.



She sits at her desk like a Flower in full bloom

 Whilst others around her despair in their gloom

 Always so busy, and never ‘cross word’

 Never repeats, whatever she’s heard

 Moving so quietly like she wasn’t there

 Wherever she goes fragrence ‘sweet’ fills the air

Ingrid, dear Ingrid, what would we all do

 If the day ever came, in our lives without you?

 Just walking along causes all hearts to stir

And many a mans thoughts ‘just a moment with her…’

 Your beauty and loveliness beyond all compare

 A thousand words ‘never ‘show beauty so rare

Whenever you’re near, a ‘symphony plays’

 Which fades in the distance as you walk away

 Ingrid, dear Ingrid you seem so alone

 As quietly you work, then leave to go home

 One day perhaps, if you’re ever free

I’ll take you to lunch. just you and just me

 To just get away from ‘those people’ around

Whose dark Hearts so cold, where jealousy abounds

 To whisk you away for one moment in time

 Where you can relax and yourself, unwind

Cos just like a Flower that blooms after rain

 I so want to see you, happy, again..

When Dreams Come True


When dreams come true,
I will hold my pen
and draw a smile upon your face.
I shall keep it and never erase.

When dreams come true,
We will hold the bricks
and build our fairytale castle.
Tremendous and marvelous.

When dreams come true,
I will write my history
and hide it in my misery,
and throw it far, far away,
where no human can reach.

When dreams come true,
I will rest in my feathery bed,
and sleep in the world of dead,
where no humans can reach,
when the spirits screech.

When dreams come true,
I will hold my pen
and draw a smile upon your face.
I shall keep it and never erase…

Frozen in Time


Over the tracks, the salty rivers run
my mind immersed in emotions
Warm, sweaty palms holding cheeks,
covering eyelids puffy and red
Praying for peace of mind,
for the train of thoughts to come to a halt
Rehearsing old scenes,
second guessing
all I did
Where did we go wrong?
Closing chapters without finishing our book
Your face is all I see
I can’t get my head around it
You left,
left me
I hate you
Love you
Hate you more
Cannot do anything but love you
Frozen in time,
my feet unwilling to carry me
Unable to accept this cruel twist of fate
Not you…not the comfort of your love as well
My best friend for so long
What did I miss?
Or did I just imagine five years of sharing all?
Dumped, like trash on the sidewalk
Can’t even take my usual walk at lunchtime,
fearing we might meet,
and feel awkward
Never you mind, love,
the sun will rise again soon
with or without you
I am a survivor
…at heart



She reminds me of Autumn.

Leaves flushed in the
most beautiful ways,
cherry like her heart
– sweet and sometimes
sour, gold yet
always silver.

I’d paint her as a tree
artistic in all its

Bark fraying at her heels,
foliage dancing,
branches twirled into
a protective stance.

She is the August winds,
passionate in all she touches.

The calendar month
who would knock you down,
only to show
you can get back –

the zephyr that would
whisk away your umbrella
and let your skin
embrace the rain.

This is for the many times
she sat, speaking to me
of a half eaten moon and
how Autumn brings
-a certain death-

Yet to me
she shows winter fades
into spring days and
beauty will flourish
once again.


the miles are simply longer
than the lifetime of a bird,
my days are measured
to solitary nights, I confine.
Those laughs we laughed;
those tears we have not shed;
those succinct moments
of silence and dissonance:
nothing else would matter
but those that curved my spine.

Soar high, my little winged beauty.
Be a traveler that needs no map
or a floating leaf upon this life’s current.
Think of me.
Teach me to appreciate
the beauty of closures,
for I have lost the gift of laughter.

Yet every sigh I make
contains many long words
where every morpheme’s fusional,
much like us, bound to be together
if only, and, not a while shorter.

And as my thoughts escape into tears,
I whisper upon the gentle breeze
that kisses my polka dotted skin:
“My weary heart may cease to rest
my truest thoughts, my truest feelings
like summer twilight, ardent but chill
ever hanging in the corners of your being.”

all the May flowers have gone away,
and so are you: sweet memories
of times gone by;
riding upon the open roads
of chance

… where too many dreams and broken bonds lie.

Copyright (C) 2011 by EvanescentMoon

She, the Winter Queen


Today, I arose to find reasons
just outside my palatial pane,
the silvery flakes in their purest form
under the sun’s rays lay afloat,
amidst the ashes of snow-clad trees.

Remind me once more
when silence fills one’s memory
of a thousand tears or more,
to awake in a land of hypnotic beauty
I shan’t fear the gray, of glacial ground.

For in the wells of solitude,
the world is mine, its walls to wear
and upon the bleak, cold breaths
of mistral winds rejoice
For I am she, the Winter Queen.

There, the sun slowly rises to sight
but in the shadow of my hair
is a crown I wear with pride,
and as the light caresses my skin
my raven tresses curl and shine.

Seasons may pass like clouds in the horizon,
and words are as bland but balmy as the breeze
my life, my love, my legacy I wish to leave;
be it ever as hopeful as the arising dawn of day
and I shall reign, forever the Winter Queen.

Copyright (C) 2011 by EvanescentMoon