Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time


Over the tracks, the salty rivers run
my mind immersed in emotions
Warm, sweaty palms holding cheeks,
covering eyelids puffy and red
Praying for peace of mind,
for the train of thoughts to come to a halt
Rehearsing old scenes,
second guessing
all I did
Where did we go wrong?
Closing chapters without finishing our book
Your face is all I see
I can’t get my head around it
You left,
left me
I hate you
Love you
Hate you more
Cannot do anything but love you
Frozen in time,
my feet unwilling to carry me
Unable to accept this cruel twist of fate
Not you…not the comfort of your love as well
My best friend for so long
What did I miss?
Or did I just imagine five years of sharing all?
Dumped, like trash on the sidewalk
Can’t even take my usual walk at lunchtime,
fearing we might meet,
and feel awkward
Never you mind, love,
the sun will rise again soon
with or without you
I am a survivor
…at heart

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