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Blinding Angels


Emotions dance, titillated by an evening breeze

Stars twinkle, a sensual greeting of enticement

Moon promises silence;

“Your secret is safe with me”

Yet my heart screams “I love you” waking recognition

Cover your eyes angels of innocence; turn a deaf ear to my thoughts

Shield your fair skin from fires of desire torching the night

I ask not forgiveness

Nor cower in shame for mental indulgence

Instead stand naked in the glow of passions wish

Washed in unbridled love

Trees whisper;

“Your secret is no longer”

Obscure Mist


  An obscure mist invaded my dreams
Tremor stricken veins causing my screams
Dark resentment with wings it soared
Hordes of sick images leaving me cold
Sucked out my soul, turned it to vile
Eyes nailed closed with fervent guile
Touch so evil my heart turned to stone
Personal resentment is now its home
Gasping I breathed in the stench of decay
Tentacles of disgust unable to convey
Subconscious threaded with stitches of doubt
Malicious thoughts soon gave sprout
Not a demon or apparition from hell
Yet just as evil that grows and dwells
Inside the minds of innocent men
Infection of doubt visits once again

Broken Chains


Abstract portrait of humanity,
smiling enigma
that walks in shadows.

When you take my hand,
does the lack of warmth
make you shiver?

Unexplained fear grips
your heart as blood turns
to sludge.

I am the beast inside every man
kept chained to compassion.
Should empathy parish,
thoughts decay, love is

Evil is what you see.