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Words Meant


The pulsing, pounding
comes from within –
Weakened knees
start caving in –
Shuddering shivers,
nerves run thin –
Goosebumps on
every part of my skin –

And all because,
because of you –
and the qualities
possessed by few –
Every day is
something new –
A friend you were,
Friendship grew –

My smile’s curve
reaches the hollow of me –
Open eyes
absorb what I see –
Tingling toe top
your arm touching me –
Airy and light I am
Unconsciously –

And all because,
because of you –
Standing at your side
I like the view –
Laughing sincerely,
And this holds true –
I’d rather not
yet bid adieu –

And all because,
because of you –
I magnify not
My feelings’ debut –
A hope that there’s promise,
A hope for value –
That beautification
is lacking virtue –

For you are real
Without embellishment –
Thus my words for you
Lack words unmeant –
Truth enjoys power,
And you are most true –
So these honest, unsweetened words
I give to you.



Fell many, many drops
and I, I watched them slowly fall
from the ocean in your eyes;
Yes I stood and watched them all.
The sea salt, it stung you;
Wincing told me of your pain.
Open wounds and gashes,
But no I can’t explain
why I became so voiceless
when my voice was in demand.
I never dried your eyes
with the tissue in my hand.
Dripped the colour scarlet
on my floor, left a stain.
I saw forming every cloud,
and falling every drop of rain.
Courage was clouded
as what rose in me was fear,
that I would get close to you
if I could stop just one tear.
Failure, yes, I became –
I did nothing, zero, nil.
But no, I failed not as a friend
For I was lower still.

On A Star


Amidst a constellation
Your name lies on a star.
Unmissable by all,
Illuminating from afar –
In your name, through this light,
There is a dream for better days,
Both strength and promise
are reflecting in your rays –
You are shining for us all,
Brightening our simple smiles,
Illuminating passion
We’ve not seen in such long whiles –
You are radiating change
Lighting hearts from within –
Kindling kind fires
Where no flame has ever been.

Yes, amidst a constellation
Your name lies on a star.
Unmissable by all,
Illuminating from afar –
And if this star should e’er burn out,
Should you find your dream decays,
Know that you, your beams are brighter –
You will shine in other ways.