She sits at her desk like a Flower in full bloom

 Whilst others around her despair in their gloom

 Always so busy, and never ‘cross word’

 Never repeats, whatever she’s heard

 Moving so quietly like she wasn’t there

 Wherever she goes fragrence ‘sweet’ fills the air

Ingrid, dear Ingrid, what would we all do

 If the day ever came, in our lives without you?

 Just walking along causes all hearts to stir

And many a mans thoughts ‘just a moment with her…’

 Your beauty and loveliness beyond all compare

 A thousand words ‘never ‘show beauty so rare

Whenever you’re near, a ‘symphony plays’

 Which fades in the distance as you walk away

 Ingrid, dear Ingrid you seem so alone

 As quietly you work, then leave to go home

 One day perhaps, if you’re ever free

I’ll take you to lunch. just you and just me

 To just get away from ‘those people’ around

Whose dark Hearts so cold, where jealousy abounds

 To whisk you away for one moment in time

 Where you can relax and yourself, unwind

Cos just like a Flower that blooms after rain

 I so want to see you, happy, again..

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