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Beneath A Bridge


Life’s ebbing current draws us down,

The waters of time it seems,
Poetic is each bridge we pass,
Beneath on gentle streams.

At times we pass with just a nod,
A smile or soft hello,
Once in occasions often rare,
The bridge we seek to know.

Such a bridge I found one day,
With need I lingered near,
The comfort of its strength I loved,
My moments there are dear.

And we must part and I move on,
The link consumes my mind,
My soul pines often to return,
To the bridge I left behind.

I’m just a bubbling stream below,
This bridge above my grasp,
I live in only dreams of love,
Each time I’m drifting pass.

Waiting in the Wings


Deposited in the ashes flung aside,
The timeless seed of wisdom to reside,
Where silenced hope and joy quietly sit,
Inside the bones possessing heaven’s gift.

The after years are anything but waste,
With faith of heart lying there in wait,
Though seemly lost to shadows of its past,
Will birth someday by love and not from wrath.

It’s shielded from the fires destroying power,
Dormant waiting for its destined hour,
Victories crown will find each resting head,
When winds of God will blow upon the dead.

Sorrows fade as odors in the breeze,
The spirits passion seeks no worldly need,
The time of hopes future will be birthed,
Enduring grace from God toward the earth.

Uncertain times weighted down with strife,
Where callous notes the only tunes that’s piped,
Awakes one question loud this time of dawn,
When storms of earth can’t mirror heavens calm.

No nobler praise a pining soul can give,
Then patiently to wait Gods call for it,
The blessed estate which charms the Christians sigh,
Is waiting in the wings, upon the masters cry.

Westward I Keep Looking


I look westward in the evening,
Toward the place my friend resides,
Wondering if her day is happy,
If she basks beneath blue skies.

I wonder if she’s sitting silent,
Dreaming daydreams filled with joy,
Noiseless moments as her treasure,
Enjoying silent thoughts employed.

I picture breezes blowing softly,
Breathing deep her smile escapes.
Tossing off the cares she’s holding,
Holds the moment as her mate.

Sitting back my boat rocks gently,
My bobber flirt’s the skirt it holds.
This a small part of my heaven,
I was blessed in life to know.

The water blue, the sun now setting,
I look west toward the shore.
My day of bliss now fast retreating,
My mind is on my friend once more.

The darkness soon will hold me heavy,
Her sunset slowly to will pass.
I shiver from the chilly evening,
So filling up my hourglass.

I think of her as every evening,
I kiss the star that crowns her head.
Search for her poetic writings,
That is my water and my bread.

She’ll drift to sleep upon her pillow,
The sandman softly closing eyes.
Her heart in dreams will find its freedom,
I can almost hear her sigh.

Friends are treasures held unspoken
In hearts, that often goes untold.
And this western friend I treasure,
I could never let her go.

Angel In Waiting


There’s an Angel now is waiting,
To receive her golden wings,
Passing through life unknowing,
Of the gift to life she brings.

I know other Angels walk this earth,
All but hidden in plain sight,
The reason this one’s special,
Is God placed her in my life.

Tested by disease when young,
She found strength in her heart,
Issues with her family,
Would have torn most worlds apart.

Yet she’s happy always smiling,
Gives encouraging words to me,
She’s my sunshine to be honest,
In my storms, well, she’s my breeze.

She owns rights to be bitter,
Many are with far less strife,
But her soul would not permit her,
To walk angry through this life.

To say simply I admire her,
Ignores the feelings in my soul,
For I believe in this person,
Shared by God to us below.

She could not know the reaches,
Or the strength of her power,
Not of force or might I’m speaking,
But of love is where she towers.

Not just sympathy, although it’s gold,
But empathies what she owns,
You see she’s walked in shoes of others,
In her life and in her home.

Yet she doubts if she could be loved,
If her beauty was to wane,
A justifiable self reaction,
A defense for hidden pain.

I’ve searched her for every fault,
That her grace may have forsook,
I can tell you that I see none,
And believe me I have looked.

She was smiles when those were needed,
Both my laughter and my joy,
She’s engorgement when I falter,
She’s an Angel on my shore.

She’s upbeat, optimistic,
Hardworking with a goal,
She brings love on the outside,
Plus the inside of her soul.

She’s a rose that blooms in deserts,
She’s a port where weary docks,
I can tell you that in my life,
She’s became a solid rock.

I unload my cares upon her,
And for that I feel ashamed,
Her love has risen deep inside,
My soul and heart to reign.

Life’s tests will make you stronger,
And she’s proven that as truth,
She attacks life as a tiger,
Every day that she is loosed.

My Angel on life’s tossing seas,
My balm for all life’s pain,
She is known by someone different,
For me just “sunshine” is her name.