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Swept Away by Your Shadows


You have wandered
in all the open spaces ‘tween my heart and
my veins;
hustling the moment my heart is
weary of all the eclipses.
ambling the time I would rush
into your colony, tugged by consolation;
allowing myself to be vulnerable-yet quite un-
close to falling.

The moments would be endlessly short,
like thunder,
tiny, like a single raindrop. The words we share would be
ocean-deep. Rainbow-colored. music-soaked.

And without a fight you would breathe in and out,
-like a gentle wind of your tranquil season-
sweeping away
all those tiresome thoughts o’ mine,
sending me to rebirth; thoughtless-
But one notion beating…

“Ever, could I or could I not count the shadows of your being?”

Mutual Death


are the savior
to my thoughts.
Yet you
–like a dying butterfly–
Lie down on the floor,
Unable to save yourself.

You reproach me
For not holding on,
To a life worth fading,
Whilst you perish on.

We are two different reasons:
You die because you have never been
I die because I
Never could;
Yet we have the
same ending…

One shot for two.

Torn Pages Of A Poet


False words lapse from my tongue
Fall where they don’t belong
While papers seek something new
Eerie winds stir bleak thoughts
Verses yearn for old notes
Dead roses cling to the dew
Words drown with sinking ships
rhyme dies between the lips
Just as rainbows lose their hue

Waves that dissipate shells
disperse stories to tell
Making poems incomplete
Metaphors lost in void
In poems we destroyed
Of poets seeking relief
My pens ran out of ink
While true emotions wilt
Poems will forever bleed


*Each individual Balassi stanza is 9 lines in length and has a syllable count of 6-6-7-6-6-7-6-6-7, the rhyme scheme for each stanza is bbaccadda.

The Sad Café


A mug lies before you
filled with coffee
flavored with pain,
Steam of rejection
all set on a table of fire.

Hands that burn
attempting to write empty thoughts,
on a paper of doleful lines
and a pen that cries

You gradually relish your pain
an addict,
as if any antidote
would never heal you

Gazing at her vacant spot
(I once killed love,
left it to rot,
yet I enjoyed the torment)

Until aurora approaches
you sit here
Like it’s your reign.
You die…
while breaths tell you’re alive-
They lie!

Strength has come to its peak
Frailty cauterizes the heart
You wither slowly after the dawn
A lonesome in the café 
-Portrayed on the wall-
left to fade to gray…

Unreasoned Vulnerability


But the sun was falling away
leaving a two-faced moon
and a sign to unreason
-perhaps you-

I pursued a weary light,
uneased by ambiguous dreams
provoking a pensive mind
but a hollow heart

Your being echoed in me;
A schizophrenic look in your eyes
tantalizing with salvation,
yet a moment longer it fades
like a mirage…

I ran in hopes of redemption
walked enticed by your beauty-clad abyss.

Vulnerable before you..

And once again we intertwined:
You; a schizophrenic
Me; a chameleon
and our dreams are fickle


*This poem is based on the image below.



‘Tween two thoughts in my mind lie you
A tranquil aura to pursue
A spring-deprived look in your eyes
Home, tomorrow the sun will rise

Charcoal tears make life incomplete
A dreamer’s smile is bittersweet
Despair is destined to demise
Home, tomorrow the sun will rise

Ink shan’t hold deterioration
Spring will be your one salvation
Tho’ hope, away, a thousand skies
Home, tomorrow the sun will rise


Written Sunday 3rd of Jan. 2010 3:18 am

*A Kyrielle is a French form of poetry written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines), and each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain. Each line within the poem consists of eight syllables. Rhyme scheme is aabB ccbB ddbB (the uppercase letters signify the refrain)