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Upon a page in a book whose
title has faded from my mind,
I first saw four letters spell
out the sound of a beating heart.

The sound rang once within my
head, when I first saw your golden
curls, amber eyes, radiant smile
and I enjoyed its company

as it brought warmth to my body,
feeling to my limbs, my appendages,
new sight to my eyes,
and emotions I’d never felt before
waded in the ponds of my mind.

I remember the first time I read
that book and tried to spell out
the sound- ell,oh,vee,ee-
love. It made no sense at the time.

The sound rang once more like
a melody in my head, and I welcomed
it with open arms, an open heart,
and into the space you crawled

to become one with my heart and
I crawled into yours. We made up
our minds to have each other always
on our minds.

The book was lost to the fireplace
one night when my father was drunk.
Its single syllable song however
burns passion forever within our souls.