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The Courtier’s Sighs


By a silver stream she knelt
-waiting- watching streaks of life
meander by wantonly.

“If life were to be a patch,
beautifully missed
once swum by;
a mote on the brink
of Forgotten Time’s crease
once I sigh.
Might I be bereaved,
or should I conceive?”

Hollow pine trees sing a tune
of shared concordance
-as do I-
for she reflects my inner mind.

“Burgeoning odyssey manifests
crippled dreams of hope;
dashed hopes of faith,
lacerating my heart.
Might I form a fort,
or better,
piece a pervious film?”

She shall find peace if ever
the world were to rest
beneath falsified superficiality.
(Into a realm of impossibility)

The Silent Mimer


How her moves articulate speech;
encapsulating, pure divine.

How her eyes convey rhythmic pitch;
melodious singing, please rewind.

How her lips thread tongues and leech;
trapping innocence, draining time.

How her heart bleeds red of a peach;
oozing deceit, myths and lies.

This large web cast with a lonely sigh
lures in the boys, and girls align!

She waves and twirls and springs and swirls,
beckons, calling, preying thrice.

One for her bleeding heart so dry,
dripping ache with pain and pine.

Two to satisfy her cruel mind,
heinous, conniving, sly and vice.

Three for her playtime dark at night,
strings unattached with puppetry so fine.