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Such beauty in your sadness
Glassy blue eyes
Quivering ruby pout
A softness only pain can bring

You make me want to love you
Hold you
Immortalize you
With the tip of my pen

As your hair falls over your face
Shadow takes you
A living sketch
Capturing your vulnerability

It is in this infinite sadness
That you are still
A prisoner to the eye
Masks lifted from the soul

No ink
No colour
Could truly hold your form
It is selfish

A want to preserve
Just one small piece
Something tangible
Beyond this body



I wish to dream the day away
Lost in thought of yesterday
When tender lips caressed my skin
Drew me down and pulled me in

Those eyes that spoke of raw submission
Mind and body, requisition
Demanding hungers, unquenched thirst
Pounding hearts about to burst

Alas the ringing wakes my mind
I’m back at work and undefined
Within the crowd, just a face
A secret lust I can’t erase

I bear the minutes, count the seconds,
Through it all your memory beckons
Soon I’ll race to be with you
Living what my daydream knew