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Just give me back my closet.
I need the 4X4.
I feel so safe
within this place…
“my dungeon with a door.”

And still I want the darkness
the crack is all I need.
For times when I feel strong enough
I allow myself to see.

Break open just a little
and look into my room
I see a different side of life…
from a closet point of view.

It sounds so wrong to say it,
but still I must confirm.
My closet is my dwelling place…
My room is where I burn.

Let Me Live On Within Your Smile, Don’t Lose Me In Your Tears


Pain is understated
when you feel the loss of love
and though you know I’m no longer here
you tend to look above.

These times may be confusing
many emotions can run free
because inside you’ve hurt and cried
“I just want you here with me.”

Please know I see you daily
and it hurts to see you cry
if I could be down here with you
I’d would wipe your hurting eyes.

Try not to feel the sadness
that appears upon your face
I know if it were you that night
I’d gladly take your place.

But that would never happen
it just wasn’t meant to be
it was time for us to leave this place
and it’s time for you to see.

I love you just as always
as I loved you here on earth.
Please let me live within your heart
and know what life is worth.

Don’t ever think I’m missing
because we cannot touch
every time you think of me
I can feel just how much.

Please smile whenever I’m talked about
we will always be together.
I will see you when the time is right
love always, and forever.