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Please God, help me for I see hell
in the eyes of a mangy dog.
She crawled to my carport yesterday morn
nearly dead in the morning fog.
She laid her head on a cast out rug,
too weak to travel on,
a mud caked face and a shaking body
and her spirit almost gone.
Broken and bent, too weak to drink,
she stayed throughout the day.
I gave her water to show I cared,
but hoped she’d go away.
Night time came and with it peace
for the dog I could not see.
I’d heard her bark about one o’clock.
I cried for her … yes, me.
Me. The guy who shot the squirrels
the lizards and polliwogs,
and left their carcasses for all to see
drying on rotting logs.
I cried , yes me, for this was life,
too special to die this way.
In the morning mist I saw her spirit.
God put her here to stay.
I gave her food.  She gave me joy.
Who got the better deal?
She got warmth within her stomach.
her gratitude’s what I feel.
Her tail still wags, though her eyes cry,
her body’s still twisted and broken,
But now there’s hope in her teary gray eyes.
For two needing souls have spoken.


Death Be Not Death


Death be but the morning mist
trapped in nature’s gray.
Between this life and heaven’s glory,
I need but find the way.

Why is it I have no fear
of death or what it brings?
I long the peace in heaven’s light
and the songs the angels sing.

I long the bubbling, singing springs,
to find the rainbow’s end,
but what I miss the most in life
are the souls that always blend.

I miss the sweet, harmonious life
I knew before I came,
to live upon this troubled earth
and first received my name.

I miss the travel through the stars;
the wisdom from God’s own book.
I miss His loving companionship.
I miss His silver brook.

I know that I should never push
this life to end its day,
but fear of death is not for me,
t’is the start of heaven’s play.

Death be but a teardrop falling
in this moment  known as time.
When the teardrop falls, I’ll be ready,
set free with the death-bell’s chime.

An Angel’s Gift


I felt the universe blink one day
and for immeasurable instant, time was nonexistent.
Omnipotent answers to all questions unveiled
themselves before my eyes and I knew them to be true.
The floor on which I had been standing was still there,
Yet, had no substance … Nevertheless, I did not sink.
Gray floor, blue walls and empty sky became one
and I saw through all, with nothing blocking my vision.
Every limit of this world was gone,
with true existence filling a beautiful void before me.

Nothing was wrong, but nothing was as I knew it to be.
Life, death, existence: all merged onto one happening
and I was in the middle, observing everything.
I was at one with the universe, with creation,
with angels all around me surrounding my presence,
and with the concept of death as I knew it.
My soul stood alone in a dimension of time and being
I had never experienced before, but had always prayed, existed.
Had I died?  Yet … I was still alive?
My whole perception of mortal life had changed drastically.

Still … I had no fear.

Permission to Cry


Why are men afraid to show
emotions in life that help them grow?
Is it so awful to let be seen
emotions of love from behind a screen?
Behind a screen … not shown to others.
Behind a screen … not seen by mothers.

“Men don’t cry,” was taught to me.
I asked of God. He set me free.

 He said,

“Men are tough, unmoved, iced blood.
Remove the masks and tears will flood.
Tears of sadness, tears of joy,
tears suppressed as little boys.
Should little boys be allowed to cry?
Tear won’t kill them.  They won’t die.”

“Open the gates.  Let tears flow free.
For mankind’s sake I cried.  Yes, me.
I gave my Son for mankind’s hope.
The words I taught He freely spoke.
He chose to die for lessons I taught.
He chose to die for what men sought.”

“He passed one day on a cold, gray cross,
but the love He cried was never lost.
T’was mankind’s choice to have closed ears.
The few who cared cried lakes of tears
I gave my Son that man might live.

                                    Freedom to cry?                                       

 Permission … I give.”

Santa’s Prayer



Please help me keep a humble heart
with thoughts focused on Thee,
for I too am loved throughout the world
and too many are watching me.

I’m not the one whose birthday shines
throughout this troubled earth.
‘Twas Jesus Christ, so long ago,
who changed mankind by birth.

It was Jesus who died for us
that we might return to Thee.
It is this son, who deserves Thy praise,
not Santa …. No …. not me.

It was this Son who gave to man
the stories of Thy great love.
It was Jesus who showed to man
true love from up above.

I kneel and pray to Thee,
love Christ as I love Thee.
And to help me keep a humble heart,
please … shine Thy love through me.