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Oh What A Miraculous Place


He gave me the key
I entered the gate
I felt love everywhere
No anger… no hate.
My soul felt replenished
My burdens were vanished

 I was greeted by friends
I was greeted by strangers  
Nothing to fear
No violence or danger

No more diseases
No more challenging task
No guilt for our sins
All cleansed from our past 

No hunger or thirst
Plenty to feed
No captivation or slaves
We all had been freed

We all were so equal
With wings of pure white
We had no boundaries
We soared with great height

Oh what a miraculous place



He was inadequate among the rest
Although he tried his very best
Eager to speak but never heard
Acceptance was what he  hungered

Trusting in others
Was always a struggle
I approached him so gently
But he was doubtful

My mission was to make a connection
To soothe his feelings of rejection
In just a short while
Something incredible happened
I seen that great smile
That he had been trapping

He started to speak
I offered my ear
Words flowed from his mouth
His fears disappeared

I learned a few things
Through the time that has passed
And so would others if the gave him a chance

It’s hard to leave at the end of the day
He always ask me if I could stay
I assure him “I will be back again”
“I don’t break promises to a friend”

The sounds of his laughter
Was so contagious
He was charming, intelligent
And so courageous

Our friendship was so well defined
My “Presence”
Was his strength
His “Smile” was mine