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Man and His Own Food


Escape the world
The deathly hold
The killing heat
The numbing cold
Sense of control
The hardened heart
The selfish soul
The pleasure seeking
That burns the flesh
And churns the mood
No secrets left
Are to confess
That man has become
His own food
My tiredness
Recurs in dreams
The shred of nothingness
It seems
Is stitched between
My breath and screams
Of mankind’s bitter
Twisted themes
The hour of dream
The power of life
A heart, a soul
One black and white
The minute hand
Reveals the plight
The fight
Against the world
Dawn is due
When dewy light
Beckons forth
The naked might
The mighty naked
Man and his own food

Flocks Unfathomable


We are birds amongst flocks unfathomable

With mended wings that often touch in flight

Nervously balancing the meaning of our lives

Through epic journeys that decipher us

As transitory things that make spectacles in the sky

The sky that is the canvass of our days

We mock the stationary silence

From how we choose to fly

We choose not one but many leaders

Who seem to twist in mortal fright

We fear that some have yet deceived us

And brought us to unending flight

We are hope in life unfathomable

With thought that stings and hurts at night

As the stars pass by like parables

Echoing challenging the meaning of life

Restless breath and aching hearts

We act in unison as our part

Always following but not being led

So subtle is the art

Of moving birds that turn in flight

Through space and time they fly as one

Above the world of weighted might

They fade away but they go on

Through epic journeys that decipher them

Nervously balancing the meaning of life

With blended wings that touch in flight

We are birds amongst flocks unfathomable