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Black Rose


One sullen October morning
his feet lead him to the deserted fields,
where once their heads reached for the skies
In his mind’s eye the images still vivid
of waving tapestries of yellow, red and white
His sister’s laughter echoes in his ears
Brittle leaves swept by bellowing winds,
in between the first pristine snow
His footsteps creating a path
on the map of yesteryear
His breath like smoke,
blown into hands, trembling
from the bitter cold
Deafening silence,
mist rolls in
The shrill cry of a vulture startles him
and as a strange music begins to play
he awakens and starts to weep

Always in my heart, my friend;)

Frozen in Time


Over the tracks, the salty rivers run
my mind immersed in emotions
Warm, sweaty palms holding cheeks,
covering eyelids puffy and red
Praying for peace of mind,
for the train of thoughts to come to a halt
Rehearsing old scenes,
second guessing
all I did
Where did we go wrong?
Closing chapters without finishing our book
Your face is all I see
I can’t get my head around it
You left,
left me
I hate you
Love you
Hate you more
Cannot do anything but love you
Frozen in time,
my feet unwilling to carry me
Unable to accept this cruel twist of fate
Not you…not the comfort of your love as well
My best friend for so long
What did I miss?
Or did I just imagine five years of sharing all?
Dumped, like trash on the sidewalk
Can’t even take my usual walk at lunchtime,
fearing we might meet,
and feel awkward
Never you mind, love,
the sun will rise again soon
with or without you
I am a survivor
…at heart

My Heart Is Like A Velvet Glove


My heart is like a velvet glove

That seeks the hand of thee,

And in the search of perfect fit

Brought many to their knee.

So rugged art thou, love of mine,

But tender is thine hand,

That fits into my velvet glove

To make a pair, so grand.

This poem was inspired by one of Ayrshire’s finest sons, Robert Burns.

Hold My Hand


 Hold my hand and baby come to me
I want you to know I gave you all of me

I will be here for you always and forever
don’t ask me to leave for I will forsake you never

My love for you is eternal and everlasting
meeting you I consider to be my greatest blessing

Let my love shine its light upon you always
I will be here for you on the good but especially on the bad days

So go out now, into the world….
spread your golden wings and fly

Every time I look up into the sky
and see an eagle I will know it is you, flying high

A Sailor’s Fate


As the waves came rolling in with the tide
we stood there, motionless, lost in our embrace
The evening sun lit our faces as tears ran free
hauntingly sad eyes, an image time would not erase

Love and desire shimmered through our quivering bodies
as my out bound ship, soon would be set to sail
The look of love and a parting kiss to last forever,
forever entwined amidst the tide and blowing gale

“Be well my love, don’t worry, I’ll be back soon”
I said in a whispering voice, with trembling lips
But both of us knew this could be our last goodbye,
because the ocean is vast and sunk many a ship

A last goodbye, a sad goodbye is this our destiny?
Can we still be as one when the ocean divides us so,
will I hear you call my name on a gentle breeze
with your words carried to me in the tide that will flow?

A sailor’s fate it is to leave his lass alone again,
never knowing if Neptune will show mercy on him
and return his ship safely home to his beloved family,
or in a display of brutal force take his life on a whim

Such torture and trepidation haunts him from within
Perhaps this be the last time he will hold his one true love
My tears subsided from a heart overcome with sorrow
as we embraced again, I prayed to God on high above

My tormented heart was torn in two, for it loves two ladies
My earthbound lassie, who waits on the shore for me,
but my body aches to return to its beckoning mistress
who awaits me passionately, my emerald lady, the sea

Swans ( Haiku)


 Entwined lovers glide
in rapturous pas de deux
lily pads glisten


*A Haiku is a Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

Dancing Butterflies


 In the middle of the forest all insects had gathered
From their place upon the leaves they watched the show
Two beautiful butterflies with wings of green, blue and gold
In the circle of light making summersaults, high and low

How enchanting this dazzling dance of love and passion was
Spectators gazing with mouths ajar in silent amazement
As the rays of the sun reflected upon their golden wings
So in love were they, hearts filled with blissful contentment

Bees hummed and flies were buzzing; Gods choir joining in
Leaves rustled and the sweet scent of summer filled the air
The night moths in their dull cloth of brown envied them
As they fluttered and twirled in their colorful hues so fair

Then, in the blink of an eye a sudden violent storm came
Blew all insects from their place and panic entered the scene
Holding on to the branches and hiding wherever they could
They waited this storm out, the likes of which they had never seen

At last all went quiet and they gathered in the open space
Counting heads until they knew for certain one was missing
It was the little butterfly with his blue and golden wings
His lady broke down in tears unable to stop weeping

With her little head sunk to her chest she flew up high into the air,
where the scorching rays of the sun ended the life of this lady fair

Our Green Friends


Tall tree,
as you stand
there motionless
softly waving arms
that wear the essential
part of life on earth: leaves
that contain chlorophyll, green
gold, converted into oxygen by day
Without our green friends, we would
cease to exist. Therefore we have to
treat them with respect and care
and enjoy their company, fruits,
the shadow they cast for us
so we can hide from
the heat and the
on a


*Concrete poetry is a type of poetry where the format takes on the shape of the subject.