Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings


Deposited in the ashes flung aside,
The timeless seed of wisdom to reside,
Where silenced hope and joy quietly sit,
Inside the bones possessing heaven’s gift.

The after years are anything but waste,
With faith of heart lying there in wait,
Though seemly lost to shadows of its past,
Will birth someday by love and not from wrath.

It’s shielded from the fires destroying power,
Dormant waiting for its destined hour,
Victories crown will find each resting head,
When winds of God will blow upon the dead.

Sorrows fade as odors in the breeze,
The spirits passion seeks no worldly need,
The time of hopes future will be birthed,
Enduring grace from God toward the earth.

Uncertain times weighted down with strife,
Where callous notes the only tunes that’s piped,
Awakes one question loud this time of dawn,
When storms of earth can’t mirror heavens calm.

No nobler praise a pining soul can give,
Then patiently to wait Gods call for it,
The blessed estate which charms the Christians sigh,
Is waiting in the wings, upon the masters cry.

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