Westward I Keep Looking

Westward I Keep Looking


I look westward in the evening,
Toward the place my friend resides,
Wondering if her day is happy,
If she basks beneath blue skies.

I wonder if she’s sitting silent,
Dreaming daydreams filled with joy,
Noiseless moments as her treasure,
Enjoying silent thoughts employed.

I picture breezes blowing softly,
Breathing deep her smile escapes.
Tossing off the cares she’s holding,
Holds the moment as her mate.

Sitting back my boat rocks gently,
My bobber flirt’s the skirt it holds.
This a small part of my heaven,
I was blessed in life to know.

The water blue, the sun now setting,
I look west toward the shore.
My day of bliss now fast retreating,
My mind is on my friend once more.

The darkness soon will hold me heavy,
Her sunset slowly to will pass.
I shiver from the chilly evening,
So filling up my hourglass.

I think of her as every evening,
I kiss the star that crowns her head.
Search for her poetic writings,
That is my water and my bread.

She’ll drift to sleep upon her pillow,
The sandman softly closing eyes.
Her heart in dreams will find its freedom,
I can almost hear her sigh.

Friends are treasures held unspoken
In hearts, that often goes untold.
And this western friend I treasure,
I could never let her go.

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