Swept Away by Your Shadows

Swept Away by Your Shadows


You have wandered
in all the open spaces ‘tween my heart and
my veins;
hustling the moment my heart is
weary of all the eclipses.
ambling the time I would rush
into your colony, tugged by consolation;
allowing myself to be vulnerable-yet quite un-
close to falling.

The moments would be endlessly short,
like thunder,
tiny, like a single raindrop. The words we share would be
ocean-deep. Rainbow-colored. music-soaked.

And without a fight you would breathe in and out,
-like a gentle wind of your tranquil season-
sweeping away
all those tiresome thoughts o’ mine,
sending me to rebirth; thoughtless-
But one notion beating…

“Ever, could I or could I not count the shadows of your being?”

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