Torn Pages Of A Poet (Double Balassi)

Torn Pages Of A Poet


False words lapse from my tongue
Fall where they don’t belong
While papers seek something new
Eerie winds stir bleak thoughts
Verses yearn for old notes
Dead roses cling to the dew
Words drown with sinking ships
rhyme dies between the lips
Just as rainbows lose their hue

Waves that dissipate shells
disperse stories to tell
Making poems incomplete
Metaphors lost in void
In poems we destroyed
Of poets seeking relief
My pens ran out of ink
While true emotions wilt
Poems will forever bleed


*Each individual Balassi stanza is 9 lines in length and has a syllable count of 6-6-7-6-6-7-6-6-7, the rhyme scheme for each stanza is bbaccadda.

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