A Sailor’s Fate

A Sailor’s Fate


As the waves came rolling in with the tide
we stood there, motionless, lost in our embrace
The evening sun lit our faces as tears ran free
hauntingly sad eyes, an image time would not erase

Love and desire shimmered through our quivering bodies
as my out bound ship, soon would be set to sail
The look of love and a parting kiss to last forever,
forever entwined amidst the tide and blowing gale

“Be well my love, don’t worry, I’ll be back soon”
I said in a whispering voice, with trembling lips
But both of us knew this could be our last goodbye,
because the ocean is vast and sunk many a ship

A last goodbye, a sad goodbye is this our destiny?
Can we still be as one when the ocean divides us so,
will I hear you call my name on a gentle breeze
with your words carried to me in the tide that will flow?

A sailor’s fate it is to leave his lass alone again,
never knowing if Neptune will show mercy on him
and return his ship safely home to his beloved family,
or in a display of brutal force take his life on a whim

Such torture and trepidation haunts him from within
Perhaps this be the last time he will hold his one true love
My tears subsided from a heart overcome with sorrow
as we embraced again, I prayed to God on high above

My tormented heart was torn in two, for it loves two ladies
My earthbound lassie, who waits on the shore for me,
but my body aches to return to its beckoning mistress
who awaits me passionately, my emerald lady, the sea

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