Permission to Cry

Permission to Cry


Why are men afraid to show
emotions in life that help them grow?
Is it so awful to let be seen
emotions of love from behind a screen?
Behind a screen … not shown to others.
Behind a screen … not seen by mothers.

“Men don’t cry,” was taught to me.
I asked of God. He set me free.

 He said,

“Men are tough, unmoved, iced blood.
Remove the masks and tears will flood.
Tears of sadness, tears of joy,
tears suppressed as little boys.
Should little boys be allowed to cry?
Tear won’t kill them.  They won’t die.”

“Open the gates.  Let tears flow free.
For mankind’s sake I cried.  Yes, me.
I gave my Son for mankind’s hope.
The words I taught He freely spoke.
He chose to die for lessons I taught.
He chose to die for what men sought.”

“He passed one day on a cold, gray cross,
but the love He cried was never lost.
T’was mankind’s choice to have closed ears.
The few who cared cried lakes of tears
I gave my Son that man might live.

                                    Freedom to cry?                                       

 Permission … I give.”

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