An Angel’s Gift

An Angel’s Gift


I felt the universe blink one day
and for immeasurable instant, time was nonexistent.
Omnipotent answers to all questions unveiled
themselves before my eyes and I knew them to be true.
The floor on which I had been standing was still there,
Yet, had no substance … Nevertheless, I did not sink.
Gray floor, blue walls and empty sky became one
and I saw through all, with nothing blocking my vision.
Every limit of this world was gone,
with true existence filling a beautiful void before me.

Nothing was wrong, but nothing was as I knew it to be.
Life, death, existence: all merged onto one happening
and I was in the middle, observing everything.
I was at one with the universe, with creation,
with angels all around me surrounding my presence,
and with the concept of death as I knew it.
My soul stood alone in a dimension of time and being
I had never experienced before, but had always prayed, existed.
Had I died?  Yet … I was still alive?
My whole perception of mortal life had changed drastically.

Still … I had no fear.

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