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I can’t find you anymore
and there’s a landslide in there.
Our feet don’t touch the runway and
I never thought I’d say this but I miss
the three-hour plane rides between you
and home. I was a coffee drinker back
then, addicted to caffeine and your
fingertips. An amateur artist on flights
drawing compasses with hearts and
poems. I was the first blind mouse of
three, and I knew your culture loved
threes, three graces, three gorgons,
three furies. Signs of unity and trinity
but we lost these. You’ve been
consuming my metaphors lately and
I’m not sure when it happened but I
can see the Greek alphabet hand-drawn
on my bones. You are a skeleton
without a resting place and
I can’t find you anymore.

I Pledge Allegiance to My Life…


Her grave prime with roses
she devours her allegiance
as death grimly watches
her disguise

She showers with her ordinance,
tear-stained ambivalence,
as death slowly plucks
away her life.

She lay beneath her roses,
her soul engaged in sun-dance,
as death denies
its claim to her demise

Let Me Live On Within Your Smile, Don’t Lose Me In Your Tears


Pain is understated
when you feel the loss of love
and though you know I’m no longer here
you tend to look above.

These times may be confusing
many emotions can run free
because inside you’ve hurt and cried
“I just want you here with me.”

Please know I see you daily
and it hurts to see you cry
if I could be down here with you
I’d would wipe your hurting eyes.

Try not to feel the sadness
that appears upon your face
I know if it were you that night
I’d gladly take your place.

But that would never happen
it just wasn’t meant to be
it was time for us to leave this place
and it’s time for you to see.

I love you just as always
as I loved you here on earth.
Please let me live within your heart
and know what life is worth.

Don’t ever think I’m missing
because we cannot touch
every time you think of me
I can feel just how much.

Please smile whenever I’m talked about
we will always be together.
I will see you when the time is right
love always, and forever.


the miles are simply longer
than the lifetime of a bird,
my days are measured
to solitary nights, I confine.
Those laughs we laughed;
those tears we have not shed;
those succinct moments
of silence and dissonance:
nothing else would matter
but those that curved my spine.

Soar high, my little winged beauty.
Be a traveler that needs no map
or a floating leaf upon this life’s current.
Think of me.
Teach me to appreciate
the beauty of closures,
for I have lost the gift of laughter.

Yet every sigh I make
contains many long words
where every morpheme’s fusional,
much like us, bound to be together
if only, and, not a while shorter.

And as my thoughts escape into tears,
I whisper upon the gentle breeze
that kisses my polka dotted skin:
“My weary heart may cease to rest
my truest thoughts, my truest feelings
like summer twilight, ardent but chill
ever hanging in the corners of your being.”

all the May flowers have gone away,
and so are you: sweet memories
of times gone by;
riding upon the open roads
of chance

… where too many dreams and broken bonds lie.

Copyright (C) 2011 by EvanescentMoon



Grief is a sheet of rain
falling on a lachrymose ocean
and my soul but a lonely shore
facing heavenward
towards an ever-night sky,
only living by
a glimpse of sunlight
cosseted in the pallid Moon
Sending wings of prayers
heavenward, alas
Heaven is beyond what my soul can reach

In a world of loneliness I linger, rootless
without the sight of love,
walking a collapsing bridge
cradling memories
in my shackled mind
There is but a dormant road
where my heart used to be
For still dream I of
once more finding a home beside you
Yearning for sunlight to burst forth
from the ebony sky
To once again recall
fire shooting through my chest
with the touch of your grace
To once more hear litanies
melodious as songs of early birds
To set sights on the blue above trees
And dream I of once again roaming
the universe inside your eyes
where infinitesimally stars wheeled
and we lived heart to heart,
and each to each
I dream of home.

But alas,
forgetting is a lesson that cannot be taught,
and one impossible to learn
For sorrow resides inside my soul
and joy has long perished
But perhaps one day, finally
my wounds would close like a fist
and I shall forget the name of this pain

And as a sheet of rain
falls on a lachrymose ocean,
where the lonely shore of my soul resides,
facing heavenward, trying to catch
a glimpse of sunlight,

I dream of home.

Fragments of Memory


I remember you,
in fragments of memory though it be,
the sight of those brown eyes locked in my mind
with an everlasting want to be near you.

I can no longer fathom your smile,
or your body, but I remember perfectly
the sweet aroma of your presence,
lying beneath those golden stars,
somehow wishing you could hear me.

There’s a stillness in the air I can’t
quite grasp, and the scent of recent
rain that tends to encompass the core
of my still beating heart.

Oh how I wish I could still feel your heart beat.

I no longer wane from wanting to be closer,
though I breathe and move;
I can still hear the distant cry that chills me,
though the starlit night never gave away
the warmth I now long for.

The frozen ground shatters beneath my feet tonight,
yet the rose I hold can never wither in the frost.
I never truly understood the feel of being alive,
never felt the quiet serenity in my empty mind…
until I met you.

I felt the midnight chill beneath my skin,
and tried so hard to catch the breath
between two distant stars;
to feel the warmth that comes from
those burning rocks.
I felt you there.

I rode the waves of love to catch myself,
believing that I still could love and feel;
no matter where the tidal waves had ever hit,
I felt you there.

Within the temperate night, I heard
your heartbeat, echoing, without a
body to survive. It soothed me once
to feel the warmth of your presence,
to know I bleed to feel that I’m alive.

Oh the feel of you to know just how alive.

The ravaged wind still blows without you here,
and silent echos awake the fear in me,
but all I know for sure by your essence,
is within your memory, I still breathe.

Lead Me Through Oblivion


Fear touches the strings of my heart
luring out the silent cries from the mist of language
and into the world this poem shall soar
to utter my deep suffering…

As Dusk embraces the sky
my howling dream draws closer from the fevered night.
And I see things that I should not see,
tragedies of mankind, fruits of the Sorrow Tree.
I see the marching men dressed in black,
the legion of doom they are of the dead
moving forward at His will,
ready to burn Life’s domain.

Balm to my eyes were the sweet dreams of children,
the wishes of their hearts that we will become a better kind.
But now, my visions are sown with Dust
as my soul weeps with the moon, up above…

And I see flowers,
innocent petals scattered on razor wires
dear hopes of our transpiercing tomorrow
torn one by one and
into the hands of death they are fallen.
I see the mothers’ endless tears are pouring as they are pray
to touch Faith’s impenetrable veil,
trying to change the course of their cruel fate

Oh dear night,
this unholy pilgrimage I can no longer take!
Harvest these reverberating dreams,
the fearful echoes of my conscious mind.
Lead me through oblivion and blind me with ignorance
for it seems this is the only way to happiness



Dried up sorrows, lost in thought –
The sun begins to rise.
Lost in darkness, found in fear –
Composed in light.
Crushed by thoughts of pain being felt –
Healed by love sustained,
Beneath the mountains, above the valleys –
Where they rise, they reign.

Lost in fear by storms pursuing –
The dimness of a room.
Walks as shadows, sees by vengeance –
Covets to produce doom.
Laughs by screaming, talks by shock –
Dies by its own fear;
From down below and up above –
Where it’s far, it’s near.