Grief is a sheet of rain
falling on a lachrymose ocean
and my soul but a lonely shore
facing heavenward
towards an ever-night sky,
only living by
a glimpse of sunlight
cosseted in the pallid Moon
Sending wings of prayers
heavenward, alas
Heaven is beyond what my soul can reach

In a world of loneliness I linger, rootless
without the sight of love,
walking a collapsing bridge
cradling memories
in my shackled mind
There is but a dormant road
where my heart used to be
For still dream I of
once more finding a home beside you
Yearning for sunlight to burst forth
from the ebony sky
To once again recall
fire shooting through my chest
with the touch of your grace
To once more hear litanies
melodious as songs of early birds
To set sights on the blue above trees
And dream I of once again roaming
the universe inside your eyes
where infinitesimally stars wheeled
and we lived heart to heart,
and each to each
I dream of home.

But alas,
forgetting is a lesson that cannot be taught,
and one impossible to learn
For sorrow resides inside my soul
and joy has long perished
But perhaps one day, finally
my wounds would close like a fist
and I shall forget the name of this pain

And as a sheet of rain
falls on a lachrymose ocean,
where the lonely shore of my soul resides,
facing heavenward, trying to catch
a glimpse of sunlight,

I dream of home.

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