He was inadequate among the rest
Although he tried his very best
Eager to speak but never heard
Acceptance was what he  hungered

Trusting in others
Was always a struggle
I approached him so gently
But he was doubtful

My mission was to make a connection
To soothe his feelings of rejection
In just a short while
Something incredible happened
I seen that great smile
That he had been trapping

He started to speak
I offered my ear
Words flowed from his mouth
His fears disappeared

I learned a few things
Through the time that has passed
And so would others if the gave him a chance

It’s hard to leave at the end of the day
He always ask me if I could stay
I assure him “I will be back again”
“I don’t break promises to a friend”

The sounds of his laughter
Was so contagious
He was charming, intelligent
And so courageous

Our friendship was so well defined
My “Presence”
Was his strength
His “Smile” was mine

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