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Passenger Seat


There’s a rush
between the many folds
of my flesh;
like a fast,
upbeat love song
in an afternoon ride.

-Never ending-
a lithe man inside,
clad in opportunities
and monotony of purpose,

yet, still I am
but a passerby.

Contented and consumed
by the passing world-
of flickering, fading
hints of its flight,
as father time
sits on my palm.

I am learning to exist:
half alive, half asleep
without a sweat in my stride
for someday-somehow
I will dwell like a sun,
dreaming under

headstone spires.

Lonely World


As geniuses design,
my destiny’s canvas,
requiem of sanity –
stirs a sullen howl.

Floating in the shadows
of forever dusk;
mysteries unmasked,
I’m but a petite sight.

Caught in the web of throes,
as darkness devours light.
Now, a night to recant;
my world of no beauty.