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Passenger Seat


There’s a rush
between the many folds
of my flesh;
like a fast,
upbeat love song
in an afternoon ride.

-Never ending-
a lithe man inside,
clad in opportunities
and monotony of purpose,

yet, still I am
but a passerby.

Contented and consumed
by the passing world-
of flickering, fading
hints of its flight,
as father time
sits on my palm.

I am learning to exist:
half alive, half asleep
without a sweat in my stride
for someday-somehow
I will dwell like a sun,
dreaming under

headstone spires.

Man and His Own Food


Escape the world
The deathly hold
The killing heat
The numbing cold
Sense of control
The hardened heart
The selfish soul
The pleasure seeking
That burns the flesh
And churns the mood
No secrets left
Are to confess
That man has become
His own food
My tiredness
Recurs in dreams
The shred of nothingness
It seems
Is stitched between
My breath and screams
Of mankind’s bitter
Twisted themes
The hour of dream
The power of life
A heart, a soul
One black and white
The minute hand
Reveals the plight
The fight
Against the world
Dawn is due
When dewy light
Beckons forth
The naked might
The mighty naked
Man and his own food