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Trials of Light


Sometimes I sleep at night
empty of myself, inebriated
by dreams that deceive me.
Bathing beauty that speaks
only of my weakness,
besetting sin only I can find
in the paradox of self-contradiction.

I pave the way inside myself
for all that’s good of me,
of all I save from discernment.
My daylight vision, I traveled not
to touch solely for the very nearness
of comprehending.

I have journeyed beyond the
peripheral to see your vision,
yet my thoughts will conceal
quite delightfully, fleetingly,
of your unbreakable beauty;
for I have one weakness.

I sing of light that speaks to me
of all my sin, calmly unfolding,
becoming of all my graces,
for pain is only a memory,
and I have gathered arm-fulls
of tenacity only to fully grip
heart of all myself, of all that
you have made me.

And tonight my heart sings
of deathless joy, for beyond
death, my love will flutter
evermore. Ever and anon
for all my good precedes,
blazing the trail with love,
of all that you have given me.

Unreasoned Vulnerability


But the sun was falling away
leaving a two-faced moon
and a sign to unreason
-perhaps you-

I pursued a weary light,
uneased by ambiguous dreams
provoking a pensive mind
but a hollow heart

Your being echoed in me;
A schizophrenic look in your eyes
tantalizing with salvation,
yet a moment longer it fades
like a mirage…

I ran in hopes of redemption
walked enticed by your beauty-clad abyss.

Vulnerable before you..

And once again we intertwined:
You; a schizophrenic
Me; a chameleon
and our dreams are fickle


*This poem is based on the image below.