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Trials of Light


Sometimes I sleep at night
empty of myself, inebriated
by dreams that deceive me.
Bathing beauty that speaks
only of my weakness,
besetting sin only I can find
in the paradox of self-contradiction.

I pave the way inside myself
for all that’s good of me,
of all I save from discernment.
My daylight vision, I traveled not
to touch solely for the very nearness
of comprehending.

I have journeyed beyond the
peripheral to see your vision,
yet my thoughts will conceal
quite delightfully, fleetingly,
of your unbreakable beauty;
for I have one weakness.

I sing of light that speaks to me
of all my sin, calmly unfolding,
becoming of all my graces,
for pain is only a memory,
and I have gathered arm-fulls
of tenacity only to fully grip
heart of all myself, of all that
you have made me.

And tonight my heart sings
of deathless joy, for beyond
death, my love will flutter
evermore. Ever and anon
for all my good precedes,
blazing the trail with love,
of all that you have given me.

For Emma


Pick your poison.

Amber, debris of arsenic;
watching eye of wisteria;
intent gaze, an azure royal.

Flitting about, oh, so softly,
quiet, as if fallen from grace.

An eighth wonder, wings torn
paper thrown to waiting wind.

They couldn’t put her back together.

Delicate hues, fiber
linen, fresh-pressed;

lavender entity,
one, forever best.

An eighth wonder.

All of the king’s horses and
all of the king’s men, set about
searching, again and again.

A stallion’s spirit,
not to be caged.

They couldn’t find her.

Like another lyric
in a children’s rhyme;

an eighth wonder,

waking and setting off,
a diamond to bright skies.

Pisces on Love


It’s springtime when I gaze upon your grace,
Just one look at your face,
Beats the gloom that lives at my place.
It feels like summer when you smile,
Makes me stop and think for a while,
What a distinctive style,
Then happiness flows like Nile.
I’ve felt your coldness and started to shiver,
Still, you’re the sun that keeps away my winter.
I don’t quite understand the thing that hinders,
Help me, I feel like smoke under deep waters.
Autumn? I like to call it fall,
I’ve got no fancy tricks at all,
Guess I’m just having a ball,
Staring at you, that’s all.

– R




Tonight I dream.
I dream of those cerulean skies that scream beauty,
and those ebony nights that cry fear,
For on a cool summer night, near sapphire tides,
the midnight sky draws me near,
but the sterling moon on this beautiful June,
provokes me to persevere. 

‘Neath golden stars, in this moment that’s ours,
I find that beauty endures,
but when my heart breaks, due to lover’s mistakes,
I find that it slowly matures.

Yet this beautiful song that plays along
as life’s laughter is heard,
helps me pretend that there was an end,
of the heartbreak that later occurred.


Imagine a world of allurement,
Dream of the hymn that mends,
Comprehend the world of contentment,
a place where sorrow ends.

For this world of ours is beautiful,
and the velvet moon will guide
the lost heart that looks for repose,
on this insatiable ebony night.

When I dream of life so tender,
and my heart expands with grace,
I know that beauty is nestled,
within this vast and deep embrace.

So tonight I dream of a life once treasured,
before suffering showed its face,
for on this beautiful night, ‘neath stars shining bright,
I dream of an entrancing place,
As the sterling moon on this beautiful June,
Bestows my life with grace.