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Poetry: A Literary Diaries Collection is an anthology of 100 poems by Brianna Rose Burton.
© 2012

The collection is designed to take you deeper down the path of the contours of life, allowing you to see beyond the boundaries of ordinary place, the coming of death, the onset of love, and the beauty of nature.  In this, you’ll find the artist trapped in a world outlining life’s most bitter adieu to the sweetest welcome of a simple friendship. Dive into the creativity of the collections, and hopefully you’ll find the essence of its poetry.

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ISBN: 978-1-937336-09-7

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Example One:



Silver stone among the sea,
heartstrings feel thine love for me.
Fall into the cloud-clad moon,
reply to Death: “I’m coming soon.”

Demon spawn among the earth,
take from Him before the birth.
Sit upon your throne and laugh,
worship under Death’s behalf.

Whisper schemes to sinful ears,
pride the ones with graceful tears.
Fall upon your knees and cry,
never asking Satan “why?”

Answer, fists into the ground,
upon the earth, you scream and pound.
Don’t turn to Him who gives the “why,”
fall on your knees, break down, and die.

Satan whispers “you knew why.
I didn’t kill you, but I lied.”

Only you will know why;
beyond ash, the graves don’t lie.
Just weep for those who have died,

for Satan will rehash the lie.

Example Two:

Dost Thou Love Me?


Dost thou love me? For any greater balance
between heaven and hell could tell me so,
that if I did not love thee, the sweetest rose
would not smell as sweet; the sweetest sorrow,
for sorrow meets the heart if thou did not love
me so. Nor did I know of this to comfort thee,
nor thee to comfort. Sweet speeches of love,
of how thou loved me so—could an angel then
not lend thee their wings if only to never
return them? If thou dost love me, such things
give no meaning or meaning known to thee,
for a thousand wishes of grandeur would fail
to encompass the sum of my love for thee,
of how I love thee so.