The Lifesong Maze

on May 2, 2013 in Brianna Rose Burton

The Lifesong Maze


Let me tell you
where the life song goes,
to a valley where its beauty grows,
to a mountain where its soft wind blows,
the journeyer who sweet path always take,
along the hills by music do awake.

And let me show you
where the life song plays,
everywhere that’s anywhere away,
where sing it softly of Earth’s rendering face,
or grip the arms of Death’s unaged embrace,
as never it shall die amidst the air,
where always you can find its shelter there.

Now let me sing for you
the life song in itself,
a melody that heart in beauty oft awake,
and often out of spite a lover make,
to fill the paths of arrogance with grace,
and all around the earth of vile erase,
to sing a tune none other can replace;
“the lifesong maze.”

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