Imagine We Lived In A Castle

Imagine We Lived In A Castle


Imagine we lived in a castle

So far into the meadows

Where the sun sets into a nearby lake.

Where you only hear the softest melodies

springing from the upper streams.

Imagine we lived in a castle

So huge and so far from our real world

Where the doves hover above the water fountains.

Their purity enriches our castle with pride.

Imagine we lived in a castle

So tremendous and marvelous.

Where the mother swan

swims with her children around the lake.

Imagine we lived in a castle

Where the birds wake us up

with their soft pleasant voices

Fulfilling our eyes with their prismatic colors.

Imagine we lived in a castle

So different from our real world.

Where the imaginary creatures welcome us

to their own wonderland…

Imagine we lived in a castle…

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