I lose my breath in your cinnamon
falls, that straggle the arc
of your spine, like an opaque
river. I let my fingertips waltz
your stomach’s inhales – palms
against your crested river bed
with the panted ebb of cassia
hair, rolling against my chest.

My silhouette lips traverse navel
to rib, letting the web of my kisses
dampen the scar that sprawls
from blade to breast, as you hiss
against touch of it, as if, I trespassed
my tongue against line drawn in sand.

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Deprivation by MYRYN VILLAFLOR [they slither, and they hisslike talking serpents , as they passthrough those discarded streets]his head’s a sanctuary of sounds,where he would hear his father sing him to sleep[they drift, and they hoverlike cigarette smoke wouldinside that shady space]his heart’s an ocean, and women are like waves; reflecting, and refracting along the shoreline of his […]
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Lady Annabelle

Lady Annabelle by TOKONI O. UTI  She has a will, she has a choice.  Now too loud to hear the noise.  All those who never wanted to be.  And all the voices that we see.  Today she drowns in her regrets.  Tomorrow she is silent but will not forget.  There is nothing else to give. […]