Within Me

Within Me


For once –
I no longer loiter sidewalks
of hopelessness
around endless circles;
nor starve for happiness
among scraps of pottery
but rather within future –
is where it lies;

for love’s tragedy has departed
on a bittersweet note
yet one of content
as the search for survival ends,

because it’s within me –
as it has been all along.

Yet oblivion always seemed to tussle
my thoughts
as mind overrode heart,

until it became but a
valuable lesson.

“Follow your heart,
never give up while accepting what is;
look beyond idealism to discover truth;
always hold onto that dream,
never let it flee from your grasp
yet do not cling to it for life.”

It was today I captured that glimpse
through rose-colored glasses
among absence,
ripened yet

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