She, the Winter Queen

She, the Winter Queen


Today, I arose to find reasons
just outside my palatial pane,
the silvery flakes in their purest form
under the sun’s rays lay afloat,
amidst the ashes of snow-clad trees.

Remind me once more
when silence fills one’s memory
of a thousand tears or more,
to awake in a land of hypnotic beauty
I shan’t fear the gray, of glacial ground.

For in the wells of solitude,
the world is mine, its walls to wear
and upon the bleak, cold breaths
of mistral winds rejoice
For I am she, the Winter Queen.

There, the sun slowly rises to sight
but in the shadow of my hair
is a crown I wear with pride,
and as the light caresses my skin
my raven tresses curl and shine.

Seasons may pass like clouds in the horizon,
and words are as bland but balmy as the breeze
my life, my love, my legacy I wish to leave;
be it ever as hopeful as the arising dawn of day
and I shall reign, forever the Winter Queen.

Copyright (C) 2011 by EvanescentMoon

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