Madame Mysterious

Madame Mysterious


We meet again,
as we have the past few months.
At twilight,
on the bridge over Penny Creek,
I approach your silhouette.
You come into focus.
Raven hair, ruby lips, green eyes;
all in perfect contrast to your fair skin.
Like every night before,
we talk.
The subject of our conversation,
yet again.
With winter’s chill upon us,
I pull you close, for warmth.
A closer examination of your radiance
causes my mind to wander.
Like the times before,
the thought of asking your name,
escapes me.
We sit in silence,
grateful of each other’s company.
Suddenly, it fades.
Your magnificent image,
absconds from memory.
I open my eyes to sunrise,
and think,
“Will I meet you today, Madame Mysterious?”

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