Come sing with me to
A dirge for the end of the world
Stand with me as the stars unfurl
And toss their golden ashes to us
Stay by me while the sun meets the sea,
Take me home to the cries of bells smashing
Free of you, free of me,
Free of everything,
It’s just ‘us’ now never such a lie
As bodies
We will be the one thing that stands
Against all the petals that ride upon a shivering breeze.

All the mockeries of beauty that dare sing true.

So carry me
When the sun meets the sea
Take me home where I shouldn’t belong
From our seats in the grasp of the wildest dreams
We shall watch as the world tumbles
Down and dust

You always had a beautiful voice you know.

Under the wraps of the falsehood we live
We are
Let constraints of ficklest words be undone.
For we are the two that are as always,
We are the war-cry of a world newly begun –
Anew, for we are ever
We are the wings of the wind itself
Open up and we’ll show them hell!

Trivialities to the smoldering soul.

Again I whisper in my sleep of so much wonder beyond words
Your hold entices all the dreams that hurt for all their joy
Myrrh cupped in a palm that once had held
And calmed my trembling fingers
Traced out our lifetimes in the dust
And ashes of what we were

But why must the dirge always end as so
The elegy be misery
Why must the claw of the world grasp tight
So much that we had sought for
Caught, harsh, in the chains under skin
and for my nightmares call out
Word upon a wonder and a sob in the ravenous dark

The whispers in the crystal turn to screams in my tiring mind,
The whispers that you mask are always screams to my aching mind.

Don’t go.

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