Descendants of Pain

Descendants of Pain


Silver eyes hide deception and longing.

Deception within the silvery pools brings forth obsession.

Under the red moon the approaching terror is realized.

The prisoner of the unwanted love fights hard to no avail.

Never will the degenerate’s devotion serve a purpose within the amethyst eyes.

Loyalty cannot be trusted from this man,
just as it is the snake in cloak that arises suspicion.

Treacherous acts of admiration fall and melt like the dark snow,
as if it never truly was.

Remnants of the torture only a sadist could enjoy,
all remain cursed upon the body of his.

Never tears,
only scars of self-infliction

Darkness comes and never goes,
but the light will always be a burden on one not meant to walk in it.

Adoration and infatuation…
Can there be a way out of the walls of persecution?

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