I have travelled back in time
the hypochondriac world
over land and seas
I discovered a garden of ethos
one that depicts
a heart and a Cupid’s arrow
a gentle magic and stilling fervor
that had mordantly turned
Into a tool of broken heartedness

Too little time to heal
yet so much time to dream
I had concocted
a surreal romantic allegory
a rococo grown-up fairytale
wherein your eyes promised
a land of best fantasies
a place to bury our romance
with guns

I am now like an asteroid
star-like and shiny
though deadly and unattractive
a threat to his desire
of not to mate for life
like as if Venus and Neptune
would ever synchronized

I cannot piece together tomorrow
but one thing is for sure,
real change takes time
with skulls and knives
never will I allay
the desperate lust
for love

I’m just a little not too over you.

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