A Conversation With A Rose

A Conversation With A Rose


Thy fairest flower of fairest form
So majestical and true
Thy fairest flower would you mind
If I sat and talked to you
I’ll tell to you a tale of love
So rich and true divine
It happened not that long ago
And this tale of love is mine

I feel that we have met before
On perfect summer days
You remind me of my one true love
In oh so many ways
As I sit here and I look at you
My memories untwine
Revealing thoughts of wanton love
That once were hers and mine

Your form reflects the way my love
Portrayed herself with grace
The contours of your petals
Are the smile upon her face
Your intoxicating fragrance
Is the perfume she once wore
It fills my body and my soul
Right now just as before

Your colour is her bonnie hair
Like a rainbow set at night
The bluish tinges on your leaves
Are her eyes that shone so bright
Drops of dew remind me of
The tears that she once cried
But now they are invisible
Like your dewdrops that have dried

You and my love both close your world’s
When darkness does bestow
You hide your forms at eventide
And bow your heads so low
Your thorns are very hard to see
Hidden by a sprawling leaf
Reminds me of the way my love
Was happy to deceive

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