Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk


The blue-grey sky sighs autumn to me
Inhale a deep breath, exhale serenity.
The air so fresh, stroll with no pace.
Sweet, cheery eyes sparkle bright from your face.

Hand in your hand, we walk past our tree
It’s all technicolor, orange and red leaves.
Stop by the water, stretching up on my toes
I kiss your lips and then you tap my nose.

Giggle aloud, watch the birds fly away
I turn to you, you’ve got something to say?
I gaze in your eyes, deep pools of love.
You kneel to your knee and carefully look up.

I gasp to myself, my heart goes insane.
You pull out a box, then my mind goes blank.
“Maria,” you say, “will you be my wife?”
I can’t find the words so I nod, then cry.

You smile at me, take out the ring.
And I do believe it’s like nothing I’ve seen.
Beautiful silver with a perfect white stone.
Faces and corners, the diamond I’ll own.

I offer my hand, which you take with a smile.
You slide on my ring, my heart jumps a mile.
Laughing together, I just know you’re the one.
My tears of joy are erased with your thumb.

You hold me so gentle I forget how to breathe.
“Maria… I love you”. I know you love me.
Life awaits us, things we’re yet to share,
Nothing is like what I’m feeling right here.

Wearing this ring makes my hand weigh a ton.
Reminding me forever of my one and true love.
There’s nothing more that I could’ve dreamt for,
The future so foreign, I can’t wait to explore.

And we walk to the sun, getting pink in the sky,
I’ll never stop feeling such happiness inside.
We exit the park with a glow fresh in bloom,
Down Main street we walk, the day ending too soon.

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