An Action of Salvation

An Action of Salvation


Love is a time machine
that entangles around your mind
bringing the past into full view;
when golden sunflowers sang
and we would dance swiftly upon
their silk and able shoulders.

I remember the winter nights
that never extinguished our passion
though cold winds raged on;
darkness didn’t dare enter
for our two souls combined
ignited into blissful ecstasy.

Love is a time machine
that chokes your will to live
showing you the formidable future;
where dead roses dwindle
and death is heard everywhere
calling out your names.

I see happiness drifting
into piles of empty promises
that never acquired value;
dissatisfaction develops
and clogs our mute throats
warning us of the inevitable.

Love is a time machine
that reveals provocative secrets
for the better or for the worse;
don’t let this gift be wasted
by deceiving and coveting
forgive and live in present times.

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