You’re All Queens

You’re All Queens


Ladies hear me out for a minute.

Insecurities bring you down
as you tread through this lesson
…called life

People say harsh words,
and do terrible things,
to bring down an already
…shattered confidence

Then you fall into a pit…
of self destruction

Tormenting yourself,
with many unanswered questions
hurting yourself,
to look a certain way
fading away in the darkness,
of your thoughts.

Walking past a mirror of destroyed

But can I tell you something?

No matter what shape,
no matter what size,
no matter what you wear…
You’re all queens!

You don’t need to look a certain way,
or have perfect features…

You’re all beautiful creatures
put on this earth
from the endless garden created
in the sky
every single one of you
picked and ripe to perfection
…just the way you are

For true beauty lies deeper than
the skin that covers you,
the clothes that comfort you,
or the eyes that haunt you

So ladies hear me out…

You’re all beautiful!

You’re all queens!


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