Shall We Believe Again?

Shall We Believe Again?


Lost connection,
Grey flesh, concrete,
No more signs on neon pavements,
Painted the sky blue for pittance,
Buttons sewing silk to fool’s gold,
Nickel soul and copper hopes,
Bright green face for them to smile on.

‘Isn’t iron oxide pretty?’

Just wanted them to believe in demons,
For everything a reason.
Paper floats, a diamond boat,
On seas of need,
To set forth questing,
Hungry eyes, a seagull made of
ice and fire, lick no coal tonight,
Need a bag of dirt and riches,
Freeze before the first is given.

Live in a world of false colour,
While flowers wither in a starving breeze,
Plastic blue and copper sulphate,
Dull the wish with lead and graphite,
Bleached out people, shining screens,
Reflect on shreds of glitz stained cardboard.

Where wise men dance and ashes bleed,
Humanity’s a fickle creed,
Between what they want and what they need,
Left little room for love to intercede.

Rust and burn away,
See the value in rubies, sapphires,
Grin and gleam the hurt away.
Needed silver, needed saffron,
Needed garnet, topaz, emerald,
Needed a wish, needed a hope,
A reason was given,
The earth is a shell.

Believe in angels,
If it helps,
Believe in demons,
If you want to blame
Spoke a mantra, sung a prayer,
Today it’s all
the same
I fear.

Where ashes dance and wise men bleed.


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