such a beautiful word with meaning; to hope
and rhymes with renaissance
my hope, my dreams for you
a day of new beginnings
 goldfinch greetings as you wake
sunrise kisses
walks along the scented esplanade
funnel cakes; sweet realities
of children grown and settled
flambé… life’s flourish
a wish for you to prosper
to thrive; to be in your prime
gilded lily;
anything adorned with your signature
will make the gift even more grande!
gold leaf; a wish
your treasured writings
wrapped in leather covers
with silk ribbons
each page dusted with gold
nuances; life’s sensibilities
 and keen awareness
keep your ability to express delicate shadings
of your innermost thoughts and feelings
Dreamland Villa;
your eternal residence; the Azalea Promenade
a drawbridge to represent security;
a safeguard for your heart
driftwood; memories polished
like silver carvings
weathered by many storms
intimate whispers; your secrets
only for those with whom
you’ve shared the

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