Dancing Butterflies

Dancing Butterflies


 In the middle of the forest all insects had gathered
From their place upon the leaves they watched the show
Two beautiful butterflies with wings of green, blue and gold
In the circle of light making summersaults, high and low

How enchanting this dazzling dance of love and passion was
Spectators gazing with mouths ajar in silent amazement
As the rays of the sun reflected upon their golden wings
So in love were they, hearts filled with blissful contentment

Bees hummed and flies were buzzing; Gods choir joining in
Leaves rustled and the sweet scent of summer filled the air
The night moths in their dull cloth of brown envied them
As they fluttered and twirled in their colorful hues so fair

Then, in the blink of an eye a sudden violent storm came
Blew all insects from their place and panic entered the scene
Holding on to the branches and hiding wherever they could
They waited this storm out, the likes of which they had never seen

At last all went quiet and they gathered in the open space
Counting heads until they knew for certain one was missing
It was the little butterfly with his blue and golden wings
His lady broke down in tears unable to stop weeping

With her little head sunk to her chest she flew up high into the air,
where the scorching rays of the sun ended the life of this lady fair

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