Unfolding Chapters

Unfolding Chapters



Fragments of words,
dispersed, scattered

Tattered and torn
scarlet letters
we had passionately

alphabets somersault,
confessions smudged;
meanings gone astray


Submerge in your perfectly
circular-cut emerald hue,
unknowing that I would drown
within this mystical view.

-Years passed-

As if slain by the arcane clouds,
arc of rainbow no longer
appears over this green meadow.

Our dreams;
Waking every morning
to a different sunrise
sets upon us, draining
colors out of our lives.


How could an
ocean-size love evaporate?
Leaving sadness on
the admirable seabed.

-Cursed by a dry spell-

Earth’s baked crust thirst
for a drop of pristine driblet
to fall from heaven’s vault,
for a sign of hope.


Desires of a roseate future
lost in reverie, drifting
further away from reality.
Yet I, still dream constantly,

but this pen could no longer
shed opulence of melancholy ink.

Another stroke would pierce
past engravement of unhealed wounds,
penetrating deeper into an old lesion
that has once been scribbled
in between the flesh of my ribs.

Within these metaphors;
my secrets are left buried,
leaving one to decipher
the truth they sorely holds.

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