Melas Oneiros

Melas Oneiros


They tore my wings like zephyr
-and I; I sat upon that one
abstract oleander..


between the cold air
and a stale dream catcher;

whos webs antique
toward my thoughts of savior.

With each petal
to deteriorate ‘neath me
I wrote of unstoppable fires.
Never to move from
a single thorn

-only to feel somber-

and I held that stem for;
eighteen years
until dipped into an abyss

painting violent butterflies
-from memory-

worried they would re-appear

like the many nights
I curled ‘neath raindrops
frozen as stone;
detaching myself from
a trust I never knew.

and he, he thrashed
as if violent weather…

Slipping through cracks

to find myself spun
-unable to reach you-


*Melas oneiros also known as Epiales was the Greek spirit of nightmares. The term “Melas Oneiros” translates to “black dream”

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