If Only, If Only

If Only, If Only


If only, if only
Broken hearts were fixed with glue
And baby steps were just brand new
the old and weak were strong and young
You kissed with your heart instead of your tongue

If only, if only
Cheating was left to old board games
And hidden talents always found their fame
Tears formed of joy instead of sorrow
Bad days were always left until tomorrow

If only, if only
People saw behind the facade
And miracles weren’t left up to God
Hearts were kept in your chest, not on your sleeve
Those fairytale endings weren’t just for make-belief

If only, if only
Less people sat while more took a stand
Each fallen victim had a helping hand
The hungry were fed and the sick were healed
Every relationship came with a protection shield

If only, if only
The poor were rich and the rich were stable
Clothes were the only things that came with a label
Tragedies were left for the stage
Endings only happened with a turn of a page

If only, if only

Johanna Ribler

Hey, I'm Johanna Ribler and I'm 15 years old. I love writing poetry so much and I love reading comments so feel free to tell me what you think! If you want to personally contact me my e-mail is johannaseitenbach@live.com. thanks so much! :)

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