Hunting to be Hunted (A War by Instinct)

Hunting to be Hunted (A War by Instinct)


Like nightfall –
he impersonates the sunset upon my lips.

An elixir of evanescent fireflies;
caged by rings of fire.

He is no more than a Nemeses to my heart,
Evocative enough to illuminate
comets upon my path…

…with memories to guide me home.

[a war within ourselves]

Yet I, I’d wait;
for the many times he may vanish within raindrops.

Allowing paper flowers to shine.

Leaving me with no more than a survival kit
-an hourglass to shift time.

[a war of difference]

He like a tiger hunts,
camouflaged by tide.

Unexplainable to the essence of sempiternal,
shifting delicacy upon my mind.

[a war of change]

Like dawn –
he’d re-emerge tainted of violent midnights

and I a rabbit slumbered
oblivious ‘neath his paw.

-a penumbra.

Nursing he;

who was –
hunting to be hunted.

a pawn in our chain of life.


“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr

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